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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…Another Update

We are still deep in to 8 DIY remodeling projects around here.  Progress is being made.  Yes. It. Is.  Like any DIY project some parts are fast, some are slow and some seem like they will never be complete. We finished installing the baseboards in the extra bedroom and I moved the furniture back over…

Progress = Goodbye Tile, Hello NEW floors and baseboards

photo 3

I’m making progress on all of the DIY projects I’m working on.  I began just before Christmas.  To see where I was after the weekend click here.  Today = not much happening in terms of DIY but I will be back at it tomorrow. The electrician was here earlier this week and he moved the…

8 Remodeling Projects and What I Won’t Be Doing


Back to school and the routine today has me excited to get all 8 of the remodeling projects I’m in the middle of checked off the house to do list.  Some of these rooms are nearing completion while others have just begun.  Regardless of the % of each room completed one thing is certain.  The….

Office/Craft Room Progress


The week before Christmas I did what most of you did.  I began a remodeling project on my office.  Uh huh.  Ya right!  I’m sure that 98% of you reading this did not start a major DIY project less than 7 days before Christmas.  Most people thought I was crazy to do this but that…

Christmas Ornament Wreath

Wreath Time

Christmas trees, ornaments, decorations, gift packages and treats are all over the house this time of year.  We have plenty of wreaths up too.  My favorite are made from ornaments. A few years ago I shared how to make an ornament wreath here.  It’s a pretty easy project but it makes a big difference if…

Headboard Turned Bench

Bench with pillows after

I had been coveting a headboard turned bench for at least a year or two when I snatched up this old headboard for $10. It sat on the side of my house just waiting for me to attach some wood, cover it with paint and add a few accent pillows.   I’ll admit it now…I…

Wee-Being, What is a Wee-Being?

WeeBeing Cover for Website

This post is originally from my other site/shop The Wee-Being isn’t really a new friend at Kenzie Mac.  We actually came up with the idea years ago when Lauren was trying to find something to make with the small webbing scraps.   She created a version of the Wee-Being and eventually modified it into our current…

Jute Webbing on the Lamp

Entry Lamp webbing and flowers

The lamp in my entry has a little Jute Webbing and a flower pin to give it a little “something”.  It was simple and basically free because I already had all of the materials. I took a basic lampshade and wrapped the webbing around about 2 inches from the top.  It’s attached with hot glue….

Organizing My Spices

spice cabinet close up

Every once in awhile I like to remove everything from one location, sort it and put it back in a more efficient way.  One of my most recent small organizing projects was the spice cabinet. First I took everything out and then began grouping like items together before I put them back.  I checked expiration…

Removing Tree Stumps with Little Effort

backyard burning stumps closeup

This might not be the most conventional way to remove palm tree stumps but it works.  It works really well, actually. What did we do to get rid of three palm tree stumps (trees had been removed by previous owner) near the pool?  We burned them!  I know it sound crazy but after a few…