Backsplash and ANOTHER Project

The backsplash is up and the kitchen remodel is almost complete.  I’m waiting for a few last details and then I’ll post a kitchen reveal.  These pictures are before the grout.

DSC_0821 DSC_0824


The new project is the fireplace.  Of course it’s started before the 5 other projects are finished.  We removed the stone on the top and Mr J and his friend constructed a new mantel.  My awesome electrician was over on Friday to put in new wires so the tv can hang on the fireplace.

DSC_0846It’s coming along.  Hopefully it will all come together by the end of the weekend…Hopefully!

The Counters Have Arrived

photo 5

It’s true…after almost 5 weeks the counters are finally installed and I LOVE them.  They are set in place but not attached in the photo below…see the installer in the background.   It took 2 guys all morning to install the counters and sink.  When they left the kitchen was sooooo close to completion.  It went…

Painting Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint

photo 4 copy

I did it!  34 cabinet doors/drawers and 23 base cabinets painted.  DONE!  I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint and clear wax.  It was my first project using chalk paint and I already have plans to use it again on a few more projects.  Imagine that.  The process went something like this. Remove all doors and…

Reconfiguring the Kitchen

Kitchen Base Cabinets Progress

It took 2 years in this house until I figured out a plan to reconfigure the kitchen so that I could have an opening from the kitchen into my office.  I measured and remeasured and found the only floor plan that would allow me to remove a portion of the wall for the opening.  I’m…

Construction in the Kitchen

kitchen tile before

It seems like the construction in the TLA house is never ending.  I LOVE finishing the projects and that is the point we are at now.  Finishing details in almost every room.  The master bedroom is done except for the new door being installed and I still haven’t made the pillow.  I will have a…

The Organized Master Closet

Organizing Master Closets

If you have been reading TLA for awhile then you know that I LOVE an organized closet!  With the construction 95% finished in the master bedroom I was able to reorganize my closet when it was time to move everything back in to it.  Most of the closet stayed the same but I did change…

Construction in the Master Bedroom

master wall on old doorway during

I’m happy to say that 90% or the remodeling and construction in the TLA house is over (for now).  It took a bit longer than I planned but it’s soooo worth it.  To see where we began click here, here, here and here. I purchased this home 2 years ago and have been DIYing something or another…

Keeping Track of Where Kids Travel – Map Board

map with pins on cities

In 5th grade I remember coloring all of the states I had visited on a USA map.  I really liked that part of the assignment and couldn’t wait until the day that I could color in all 50 states.  Recently I printed a map so that I can color and date each state as Ms…

Happy Valentine‘s Day!  Handmade Valentine’s Outfit Letter/Envelope Sugar Cookies in Mailbox Valentine “I Really Dig You” Shovel 

Valentine…I Really Dig You!

Valentine Shovels All

Ms M has had some pretty fun Valentine’s over the years.  Last year we put together a shovel, candy and the tag that said “I REALLY DIG YOU”.  I originally came across the idea here.  It was easy to put together and her classmates and the parents were full of compliments. It started out with…